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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 6, 2009 9:01am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Great Versions of Songs on Commercial Releases (Under 10 Minutes)

WT, yeah, maybe those reasons you give are the reason I only skimmed through DP22 and played some of the songs I'd list among my favorite Dead tunes once.

Yeah, that would explain why I kinda just put it away all but forgetting about it, subconsciously back burnering it.

Right now I'm playing DP 8, the electric set, for the first time in years.
I borrowed it from a friend 10 years ago and made tapes of the acoustic and electric sets.

Right off the bat, I'm reminded that the electric set on DP 8 is mono, and that's a downright shame. I checked Wiki, and the acoustic set on DP 8 is in stereo, maybe that adds a lot to it's sparkle.

The electric set isn't exactly grabbing me - though I be damned for suggesting such a highly rated show is less than
what it's cracked up to be.
OK, now I'm hearing "Good Lovin', and it does have some unusual tempo changes...
but the Sauint Stephen Cryptical Other One versions were kind of average in an above average way...

Great, but not really tip top. To my ears. And maybe that's why I haven't played it in over 5 nyears.
I played it several times when I first got a copy.

Listening to Dancing In The Street now. It's OK. I'll keep playing the electric set, and later I'll relisten to the acoustic set which wasn't handy but it's around here somewhere.

And then there was DP 16, which I fully expected to dig big time, but I couldn't get into it much at all, and returned it to the store for 75% credit (a fair exchange common at several of the large retail outlets such as Amoeba)...
and I didn't even tape any of the tracks... weird!

I probably would now, given the choice. But I've never had the desire to get it again (DP 16).

OK wait a second, Garcia is doing a very hip cool jazzy R&B inspired jam on Dancing In The Street - what't the song this riff he's improvising reminds me of?

Anyway, mono or not, we've got a winner!

tha's some carousel, shuffling the 1st 5 studio GD LPs with surprizes galore.

Hey gang, guess who's pad we're crashin' tonite!

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